Wednesday, May 24, 2017

New devices...

New cheap phone with decent 8mp camera... I shall try this... mark that Here is where I begin again, this blog-thing.. started so long ago when I got this:

Grace's Keeper of Seeds... She sits above my computer, guiding my Loving Thoughts, especially now toward Her creator, who is busy packing and preparing for that huge move.. away from the windy desert to another climate...  to be with Them.. the offspring and the growing family.. (oh how poetic that word is, offspring...)

I made a similar choice one year ago (easy /no excitement /no crossing state lines... a mere 75 miles)... it's not perfect, I had many doubts...
but it is Right... Here are a few Reasons:
Their pictures on my walls
Their Chinese New Year stars (our new tradition)
They are here... many of my offspring and their offspring..

We 'do things'... we make gorgeous creative messes... we sing and laugh and play games...

It *is* worth it... to pass the magic on...

They need us... our rough unkempt older selves... we have hugging arms and smiles and many Many MANY Good Words

Can't ever have enough Good Words.. spoken to Them... spoken about Them..

Words and hugs and eye-to-eye... whatever we do /are... *we* are the magic

However! My ever-growing fabric supply...luscious, soothing, abundant.. alas, storage is *forever* a dilemma...
Until NOW! Grace again...

Cloth burritos

Her super-simple super-awesome Burritos! The bins below them are my current system since the move. Can't get them out, they've been unseen for a whole year... but a burrito, I can pull one out, or several, test the color-kinship right there... no fuss, toss it back when I'm done. Amazing!

(And in reading her post I found another fabric-lover June Wildflower... who is also trying burritos!)

So in celebration I wandered my old pleasant haunts in the Old Pueblo this week (after a dentist appt, not up there often anymore)... came home with these, most 100% cotton, 50% off...
My sewing area in the bedroom, desk is a plywood closet door on 2 file cabinets..
And the view... best in the whole house

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