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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Dye pot attempts

(confession)... I have a serious love affair with raw materials.. cloth especially. It consumes my living space, my brain, my internet-surfing hours...  Each piece that ends up in my possession (a frequent event) has its own personality, its own 'best use' that someday will reveal itself... but mostly it sits. Waiting In Reserve... much like a secret bank account.

I live in a rental condo in Tucson, Arizona, for the time being... beautiful but a poor match for messy hobbies... Last fall I discovered an old pecan orchard in a local park... gathered a bag of dried pecan husks to make into dye... got a cheap hot plate and old pots... stewed and stirred and strained..

Here is my outdoor 'studio':
Outdoor studio

View from my outdoor studio
This week I heated the last of the pecan dye (which sat in a plastic bucket outside all winter..a bit gelatinous for some reason but not stinky)... experimented with Itajime Shibori discs on cotton sheets and harem cloth. The dye looks very dark, not brown as it was months ago, but a deep mahogany.. creating a light gray-mauve...
Itajime Shibori on cotton sheet
close-up of shibori circle
harem cloth shibori

I didn't have clamps so I folded the cloth into squares with 2 of these acrylic discs sandwiched inside.. secured the sandwich between 2 ceramic tiles with rubber bands and string... then into the pot for an hour.
2-inch shibori discs from Rossie Crafts
Now there's the pomegranate husks to finish off:
Pomegranate husks from last winter

Off to work now... only 6 more weeks... then a move... to a place that is Mine...

Sunday, March 13, 2016

..a Beginning... from a Gift

A few weeks back i received a gift from grace, the dear one who blogs at windthread... this is her Keeper of Seeds.. The Keeper spoke to me of a new direction... is the other side.. hand stitching and grace-penmarks and subtle color:

..this is the cover of the hand-folded card which held Her safe in transit...another grace-work:

...not only this...but grace provided incentive and advice... for when, perhaps, i might consider stepping into the blog-o-sphere... Oh My! so unexpected and so kind!

my deepest Thanks to You dear grace!